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The media experienced blind singer soon got in touch with TV and radio.
During his music carreer he oftentimes was a live guest of numerous TV- and radio stations.
He gave several interviews on Radio Salzburg, the Radiofabrik, the German Untersberg and on the national radio stations Ö1 and Ö3.
In a weekly Radio-Show of George Klein, a schoolfriend and long lasting companion of the king,
his voice sounded in an American radio station of Memphis Tennessee for the first time.
One of the greatest peaks of his carreer as a singer of course had been the performances on the Austrian,
German and Swiss TV-stations, as well as his appearances on the American TV Channel 5 and MTV.

  • Short time before Blind Elvis became a celebrated and award-winning impersonator in the States and returned to Austria,
    he gave a remarkable interview to the national radio station Ö3 in August 1992. Click here, to listen to the interview!