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Welcome to the official Web Site of Blind Elvis!

The king is gone. However, as it seems, his voice he left behind for the total blind Imran Rana as a very special gift.
The press, insiders, the fans and even relatives of the Presley-Family - they all agree on the fact,
that Imran Rana, better known as the Blind Elvis, does have the voice of Elvis Presley, which explained the worldwide fame of the "King".

The cousin of Elvis Presley wrote an impressive letter to him, in which all the other Elvis impersonators were knocked down a peg.
Her essential statement: "15 years after his death I've heard his voice through you once again."
(Press Article Thursday, Jan. 7th, 1993)

So settle back and relax, close your eyes and listen, with which passion, devotion and professional precision Blind Elvis renders
the songs and highly sound alike the King of Rock'n'Roll. Feel for yourself how close he is to him and how much his voice resembles that of his idol.
His own compositions bear witness to the authenticity and originality of his outstanding abilities.

Numerous Radio- and TV-Shows,live performances with standing ovation and - last but not least - all the international singing awards
certify him as the probably best Elvis Presley Impersonator in the world.

But nevertheless: Do only trust your sense of hearing and judge for yourself!

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