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Imran Rana / 2006
Imran Rana / JAHR
Imran Rana / JAHR

Imran Rana
was born on 1st October 1973 in Sialkot Kent/Pakistan.

At the age of three he lost is eyesight because of a malignant malaria disease.
Hoping to have his eyes medicated by a well-known doctor in Salzburg, his family moved to Austria.
Because of an irreversible degeneracy of retina, the medication of his eyes and a long lasting therapy
unfortunately wasn't successful at all. The sociopolitical and cultural conditions for him as a handicapped
person had been much better here than in Pakistan, therefore his family decided to stay in Austria.

At the age of six he heard Elvis Presley in radio for the first time. From that time there only was one wish
in Imran's life: to sound like Elvis. Right away he learned playing the guitar by his own
and stood on the stage of the Federal-Institute of the Blind as a 10-year-old boy. He started to perform
in his own hometown Hallein. Soon a production company and sound studio began to show interest in him.
His fandom grew bigger and bigger. Television and radio knocked at his door.
He won the "Salzburger Talentetournee" from 1989 very competently and left all other competitors behind.
At the age of fifteen he released his first music-cassette with the title "See me".
The entire political prominence of Hallein came to see the presentation of his first recordings.
Among the enthused audience there also was the well-known TV-show-master Karl Moik, who brought him
on TV for the first time. On the 7th June Imran Rana stood on the stage of the television show
"Musikantenstadel" in front of a sixty million audience.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the "King" Elvis Presley a worldwide announced
Elvis Impersonation Contest took place in Memphis Tennessee. There, in the lion's den,
where 50.000 critical Elvis-fans met, the blind, young singer became the declared darling of the public.
800 Elvis Impersonators from all over the world had applied for joining in this grand contest,
150 had been invited and from these only 15 were selected for the finale - among them the in the USA
totally unknown Imran Rana from Hallein. The young man highly thrilled his audience and finally won
the sensational fourth place.

At the same time he managed to succeed in another Elvis Presley Impersonation Contest.
He finally finished first, received a golden record, a golden suite and additionally got the opportunity
to record two songs in the legendary Sun Studios, in which Elvis Presley
once produced his first single record in 1953. That the Elvis-bard from Hallein is indeed the very best
was confirmed oftentimes by competent people.

The then companions of Elvis, who the "King" counted to his best friends,
were amazed by the absolute resemblance of the style of singing, the way of rendering and
the vocal modulation, of the unknown guy from Austria. During his stay he got to know some very best
friends and family members of the "King" of Rock'n'Roll. He got an unbeatable praise which says everything
about his abilities of singing.

The cousin of Elvis Presley wrote to him an impressive letter, in which all other
Elvis Presley Impersonators were knocked down a peg.
Her essential statement: "Fifteen years after Elvis' death I heard his voice through you once again!"

Ben Wiseman, who had composed 57 Smash-Hits for the "King", was impressed by Imran Ranas terrific voice.

Eddy Fadal, where the "King" lived during his basic training at the military,
also invited Blind Elvis to stay with him at his place.

George Klein, a school friend and long lasting companion of Elvis, gave him the unique opportunity
to introduce himself to the big American audience in Klein's own radio-show.

Female, black and Asian Elvis-Impersonators would be nothing special at all, but a "blind Elvis"
nobody would have seen before, said a journalist of an American magazine about the Austrian artist.

In August 1992 he had his first live appearance on the American television Channel 5.
He presented his fantastic show in front of a thrilled audience of 12.000 people in the legendary
Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, where the "King" had performed back in 1974.

In autumn 1992 the blind singer was in the TV-spotlight of the international television station MTV.

His Christmas-Concert in the Penta-Hotel of Salzburg on 26th December in 1992 was absolutely sold out
and therefore he received rave reviews in the media.

In the springtime of 1993 Imran Rana released his first CD with the title "Baby, I'll be there".
Beside the terrific chanted Elvis-Songs one also could hear seven new compositions of Blind Elvis on his CD.
From that time onward he performed in concert halls, at anniversaries and spectaculars, fairs,
beneficial events, fashion shows, birthday parties, company celebrations and Christmas parties,
dancing shows, events of different associations, weddings etc.

His Elvis-Concert in July 1994 in the Ramada-Hotel of Salzburg was a tremendous success.
This concert was also sold out and Blind Elvis was celebrated by the entire media.

1998 he gave concerts in Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Athens, Amman and Damascus. It was the first time
that he had the opportunity to astonish an Asian audience. He oftentimes was appointed
to a high-ranking jury and had to judge the vocal qualities of other Elvis-Impersonators.

In the following years he concentrated on his job-related carreer.
The year 2006 marks his Comeback in music.

Since June 2006 his fans have the chance to listen
to the reborn voice of Elvis Presley live on stage again.